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Clinic Sessions now re-opened - updated 01 07 2020

Holmfield Consulting Rooms

Our clinics have  re-opened from June 1st 2020 with face to face sessions available once again.

Spire Hospital

From 1st July 2020  Dr Thorley's Saturday morning clinic has re-opened.  From September 1st 2020 a Friday afternoon clinic will also be open as well.


Patients may self refer although it is best to have an initial discussion with Dr Thorley's secretary (see Further Information section below) before doing so. Otherwise it may be helpful to have a GP referral letter and if claiming on health insurance, this is usually  an essential requirement.

Dr Thorley is registered with all the major health Insurance companies except for BUPA. Patients are advised always to discuss a potenial referral with their health insurers first before making an appointment.

The cost of therapy is an important consideration and details of current fee levels can be obtained from Dr Thorley's secretary or at either of the hospital clinics. To keep costs reasonable, Dr Thorley seeks to use the most effective therapies and aims to complete an intervention in the shortest possible time. His long and specialist experinence in working solely with young people ensures the best possible service.


Leicester (Spire Hospital)

The clinic is located within the Spire Hospital Gartree Road Oadby Leicester LE2 2FF. Clincs are Saturday mornings 9.30-12.30 PM. For appointments please call the hospital outpatient department on 0116 265 0888. Current waiting times are1-2 weeks.


Leicester (Holmfield Consulting Rooms)

This Clinic is located at No1 Holmfield Court, Holmfield Road, Stoneygate LE2 1SD

From 1st June 2020 clinics are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5.00PM - 7.00PM.

 Current waiting times are 2 weeks.

For appointments, please call the  clinic reception on 0116 270 6841 Monday- Saturday. If unattended, please leave a voice message and we will return your call normally within the same day. Alternatively, please call 01780 678 558.



Please contact Dr Thorley's secretary on 0116 265 3670 or emailing her at mandy.clarke@spirehealthcare.com.When unavailable, please call  Dr Thorley on 01780 678558 or email gt@gthorley.com