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COVID-19 related measures - updated 04 04 2020

We are doing our best to keep clinics open  for as long as possible recognizing that young people with mental health disorders will be experiencing additional stresses over the coming weeks and months and will require ongoing support.

Holmfield Consulting Rooms

Clinics remain open at Holmfield Consulting Rooms but with facilities to sanitize or wash hands together with measures to facilitate social distancing within the clinic. Because the waiting room is small we are allowing one carer to stay in the waiting room during the consultaton. Other familiy members are requested to wait in their car. 

New patients are requested to attend this clinic at least for an initial assessment.

Spire Hospital

 At Spire Leicester Hospital, all  Dr Thorley's clinics have now been cancelled from and including the 28th March 2020. From 15th April 2020 all outpatient clinics across all specialities will be closed as the hopital's resources are transfered to the NHS.

By now, future  patient appointments have all been cancelled  and patients directed to the Holmfied Consulting Rooms if appointments are still required. 

Dr Thorley offers telephone  advice/consultations for existing patients unable or reluctant  to attend clinics who do not have current appointments. Please call or e-mail Dr Thorley's secretary to request a call giving convenient dates and times you would like a consultation. 


Patients may self refer although it is best to have an initial discussion with Dr Thorley's secretary (see contact details below) before doing so. Otherwise it imay be helpful to have a GP referral letter and if claiming on health insurance, this is usually  an essential requirement.

Dr Thorley is registered with all the major health Insurance companies except for BUPA. Patients are advised always to discuss a potenial referral with their health insurers first before making an appointment.

The cost of therapy is an important consideration and details of current fee levels can be obtained from Dr Thorley's secretary or at either of the hospital clinics. To keep costs reasonable, Dr Thorley seeks to use the most effective therapies and aims to complete an intervention in the shortest possible time. His long and specialist experinence in working solely with young people ensures the best possible service.


Leicester (Spire Hospital)

Now Closed - facilities transfering to the NHS


Leicester (Holmfield Consulting Rooms)

This Clinic is located at No1 Holmfield Court, Holmfield Road, Stoneygate LE2 1SD

Clinics are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5.00PM to 7.30PM.  

 For appointment, please call: 0116 270 6841 - 2.00PM - 7.30PM

NB: The clinic reception times are variable so please leave a message on the answerphone if there is no pickup. Calls are checked and responded to daily.



Appointments can be made at either of these clinics by telephoning the outpatient  bookings departments on the telephone numbers given.

Currently, (as at 4th April 2020 onwards), availability for first (1 hour) appointments for new patients is approximately 1-2 weeks at the Holmfield Consulting Rooms. 


If you have any queries, or would like to discuss the suitability of a referral at either clinic, please contact Dr Thorley's secretary on 0116 265 3670 or emailing mandy.clarke@spirehealthcare.com.When unavailable, please call  Dr Thorley on 01780 678558 or email gt@gthorley.com

Please do not use these numbers for making appointments  but  instead please telephone the Holmfield  clinic directly.